Measure Everything

Use traces and metrics to track everything in your system. Go open source.

Cutting Edge

Scalable and responsive Architecture. Use cutting edge techniques to gain insight.


Get the right people at the right time to manage your technical requirements.

Some of Our Team

Our team of experts are there to help you deploy and support your systems. Letting you take advantage of best-in-class software

Jim Collins

Lead Technical Architect

Andrey Kozichev

Lead DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes)

Nicholas Smith

Application Architect

Romain Gallet

Streaming and Event Driven Architecture

Prashanth Kumar

Software Engineer (Java/Clojure)

Priya Patel

UX Researcher

Lee Provoost

Senior Software Engineer (Go/Rust)

Andy Gray

Senior Devops Engineer (Kubernetes)

Rohit Gokhale

Senior Devops Engineer (Kubernetes)